Welcome to the world, you come from a strong rabbinic family, with both your father and mother, Bezalel and Reizel Schenirer, descending from well-known rabbinic families in the Belzer Chassidic community.  

You love Judaism and are eager to study, but at a young age you learn that only boys get to go to Jewish schools. You watch your brothers go off to cheder and then yeshiva and envy the formal education they are getting.

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Option 1

Decide that if Judaism doesn’t want to educate you you’ll find education elsewhere. You immerse yourself in secular culture like the other girls around you. If there is no solution, you’ll just have to be part of the problem.

Option 2

Take to heart that if women were supposed to be learning Torah in a public setting the gidolim (great rabbinic leaders of the generation) would have instituted a school for girls. Since they haven’t, you decide to accept your fate and not cause any opposition.

Option 3

Realize that although the Jewish people are not perfect, Judaism is worth pursuing. Your frustration is about being excluded from learning Torah, and assimilating won’t solve that.