Maybe you can't attend cheder or yeshiva like your brothers, but you try and see what you can learn on your own.

Luckily for you, your father sees how bright you are and how much you love learning Torah and decides to teach you on his own. He reviews the weekly Torah portion with you every Shabbat and brings home Yiddish translations of Hebrew texts.

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You love learning with your father but still have to go to Polish elementary school for eight years! While there all your friends tease you for loving Torah so much and call you “Little Pious One”.


Option 1

No, you’re a little pious one! Who needs to be teased all day? Not you, that’s for sure. You pretend not to care about Torah and Judaism so much to get them off your back.

Option 2

Kids can be so mean, why would they tease you for caring about G-d and Torah? Even if you found a way to make a school for yourself and these girls they probably wouldn’t care enough to go.

Option 3

Actually, being called out for being pious isn’t all that bad. You lean in to your piety and keep learning with your father outside of school.