Spending time with these people has made you think hard about your limits. Why shouldn't you try and educate women here? You think of ways to open up a school right here in  Vienna. You talk to you father and brothers to see what they think. Your father is sympathetic, but your brothers don't get it all. Either way, none of them think your plans will work. After all you're a Belzer Chassid, and these people probably won't take you seriously. 

You are little discouraged, but you aren't quite ready to give up yet. You find Rabbi Flesch and float the idea of potentially opening up a school for girls. He is intrigued but is also concerned that her audience won't take you seriously without a proper secular education. He recommends taking some classes and then revisiting the idea once you are better educated.

You think long and hard about his suggestion, but before you even make up your mind the war ends and you have to return to Poland.

Surprise, this was a thought exercise! You know opening a school in Vienna doesn't work, but you still want to open a school, maybe instead of Vienna you should try opening up a school in your hometown. Just a thought... 

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