You are so ready for this! You work together with Eliezer Gershon Friedenson, an Agudah leader and editor of its paper, to educate Jewish girls all around Poland. 

By now the demand coming from other cities is immense, and since you are one, admittedly amazing, well-accomplished person, you consider sending your students to teach. But you're worried, after all, your oldest students are only fifteen years old.

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Option 1

What if the girls aren’t ready? I can’t let them go off on their own in a foreign city. They’ll face too much opposition, things will be so hard for them. You decide to let them stay in your school and learn more in their safe environment

Option 2

Hmm, you like the idea of sending your girls out to be teachers but you don’t know if they are ready right now. You decide to wait on it and give the girls a little more time. Maybe when they are seventeen you’ll let them go.

Option 3

These girls have worked so hard, they learned so much and have already scarified a ton to be a Bais Yaakov girl. You trust that any girl who volunteers to go will, with your help and G-d’s help, be up to the task.